Exhibitors/Traders Terms and Conditions

Health and Safety

  • It is important that you comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) as well as other regulations and laws as required by your trade, especially true for anyone dealing with food and drink.
  • If invited to trade at Gosport Marine Festival we will ask for copies of your safety documentation. A list of these documents is at the end of this document.
  • Food traders are now required by law to be registered with a local authority. You will be asked to give us the details of your local authority and a contact name for someone there.


  • You must have up-to-date Public Liability Insurance (minimum cover £5million). If there are five or more staff on your stall, including yourself then you have a legal obligation to carry Employer’s Insurance as well. You may wish to insure your property against damage.
  • By accepting these terms and conditions you acknowledge that Gosport Marine Scene and Gosport Marine Festival and any representatives of both organisations are not responsible or liable for any of the following:
  • Financial losses you may incur;
  • The loss of or damage to your equipment, goods or personal belongings;
  • Injury of employees or staff working for or connected to you.

Stall and Equipment

  • Gosport Marine Festival will not supply marquees or gazebos. You must provide your own marquee, tent or catering unit. Any tent or marquee textiles MUST meet fire safety standards and have all documents to support this.
  • Tents and marquees must to be fit for purpose. Makeshift constructions are not acceptable.
  • It is possible that we may experience extremes in weather. If your structure looks unsafe or unsuitable in high winds you will be asked to cease operation and pack up. There will be no refunds.
  • You are responsible for the safety of your stall equipment. If it involves gas or electricity, we will ask for your safety certification (see below).
  • Please make sure anything of value at your stall is secure. Though we will designate the area behind stalls as a “no go” area for the public, we cannot guarantee complete security.

Gas and Electricity


  • Electrical equipment must be tested and certified as fit for purpose.
  • Equipment and wiring should be properly insulated and earthed. All sockets, plugs and wiring should be adapted for outdoor use and protected from the elements.

Gas Appliances and Cylinders

  • Please bring with you any LPG gas that you will require. Only one spare cylinder of LPG may be kept at your stall (Total allowed per stall: 100kg)
  • Gas appliances must comply with relevant HSE regulations and must have undergone a Gas Safe check within the 12 months prior to the Festival.
  • You must ensure that the Gas Safe registered engineer inspecting your appliances is qualified to check LPG catering equipment. We suggest you check on the Gas Safe Register website or NCASS website for the correct engineer in your area.

Fire Safety and First Aid

Fire Safety

  • Please make sure your extinguishers in date date.
  • You are required to have a fire blanket.

First Aid

  • You are responsible for supplying first aid for your staff.
  • You are required to have a proper first aid box at their stall for use by staff.
  • You must have waterproof blue plasters as part of your kit.
  • If you have five or more staff including yourself, you are obliged to keep an accident report book for your stall.


  • Please maintain good housekeeping throughout the event. Keep your pitch clean, both front of house and back.
  • You must bring at least one front-of-house bin – and if it is full you will be required to empty it. You are responsible for managing your own wste and it must be removed from the site on completion of the festival.
  • Please leave your pitch the way you found it when you leave the festival. If we find your pitch left with litter and waste, you may not be invited to trade at Gosport Marine Festival again.
  • Recycle: Everyone knows that recycling is crucial. Please sort your waste accordingly.

Music and Sound Systems

  • Music at your stall must be audible only to the immediate area around your stall and not interfere with your neighbours.
  • If you are asked by a member of the festival management team to turn your music down or off, you must comply. Failure to do so may mean that your stall will be closed with no refund of fee.

Hygiene and Safety

  • Food Management Systems: You will also be aware that under the Food Hygiene Regulations 2013 you are required to have a food safety management system based on HACCP.

Prohibited Items

  • No trader may sell: food or drink in glass containers; alcohol or tobacco; illegal substances; legal highs; weapons or anything that can be interpreted as a weapon; explosives of any sort; live animals or pets.