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Marine business network seeks Executive Manager

Gosport Marine Scene (GMS) was formed in 2013 to advance the marine business sector and employment in Gosport. Following successful development work and maritime events, the network is expanding to embrace the sector across the whole of Portsmouth Harbour in collaboration with Gosport, Portsmouth and Hampshire councils and other partners. It will be renamed to reflect its wider role.

GMS is a non-profit company and until now has been run entirely by volunteers, on whom it will continue to rely for delivery. It has secured funding to appoint an Executive Manager, initially for two days a week, with the expectation that the role will expand as funds become available.

The role entails work with marine businesses, education bodies and non-profit organisations to:

  • Stimulate marine business in and around the harbour.
  • Encourage young people to go afloat for recreation and employment
  • Promote Portsmouth Harbour as a destination for leisure sailors

The Executive Manager will report to the Board of GMS through the chair, and is responsible for ensuring smooth administration of the network and the achievement of agreed performance objectives.

Remuneration and employment terms appropriate to experience and qualifications.

For more details of the person specification and job description, see below.

Application is by letter and current CV, demonstrating how your experience and qualities fit you for this role. Please send your application by 27th July 2018 to:

The Secretary, Gosport Marine Scene, Haslar Marina, Haslar Road, Gosport PO12 1NU

or by e-mail to:




 Experience and qualities

The successful candidate will:

  • Have the experience and personality to deal with senior industry figures, as well as local and national politicians.
  • Have experience of the recreational marine sector.
  • Be enthusiastic about the potential of Portsmouth, Gosport, and Portsmouth Harbour as a destination of choice for the leisure marine industry and participants.
  • Have some experience of company governance and regulation.
  • Be able to engage with the Board in setting policy and realisable objectives.
  • Be a good administrator with an eye for detail.
  • Be fully IT literate.


 Overall purpose

The Executive Manager is responsible for the smooth operation of Gosport Marine Scene (GMS), for assisting the Board in its strategic purposes, and implementing its plans.


The Executive Manager is responsible to the Board through the Chair, who will be responsible for an annual appraisal.

Principal responsibilities

  • To be the first point of contact for Gosport Marine Scene.
  • To support the Board in its aims of:
    • Encouraging and assisting young people to go afloat for recreation and employment in the maritime sector
    • promoting Gosport as a destination for leisure sailors
    • stimulating marine businesses in the Portsmouth Harbour area.
  • To assist lead Board members and volunteers in delivering events and programmes such as Gosport Marine Festival and Gosport Marine Futures, and to support the fundraising for these activities.
  • To liaise with Gosport Borough Council, Portsmouth City Council, the MoD, the LEP and other bodies in creating strategic partnerships and implementing a Portsmouth Harbour vision.
  • To liaise with schools and colleges to bridge the gap between the education currently available and the skills necessary for maritime employment.
  • To liaise with maritime companies, both national and local, to identify employment opportunities and develop a database of maritime jobs.
  • To liaise with local yacht and sailing clubs with a view to establishing a consensus around encouraging Gosport youth on to the water.
  • To encourage maximum local support for the British challenges for the Vendée Globe and the America’s Cup.

Initial objectives

The Executive Manager will be expected to participate in setting medium term objectives for the network by the end of the first year in the role. The initial objectives are:

  • To develop Gosport Marine Scene into a Portsmouth Harbour-wide organisation by engaging with Gosport, Portsmouth and Hampshire councils, and businesses and maritime charities on both sides of the harbour.
  • To show how GMS benefits the maritime sector and develop an income stream from engaged businesses.
  • To set in place appropriate procedures and documentation to demonstrate the value and viability of GMS to stake holders and the wider sector.
  • To work towards the expansion of the Gosport Marine Festival into a Portsmouth Harbour Festival of regional significance in 2021 and a national profile by 2023.

Specific tasks

  • To maintain the flow of communication between the Board, volunteers, subscribers, the media and significant partners.
  • To establish administrative arrangements to support the activities of GMS.
  • Together with the Chairman and Secretary, to draw up and agree Key Performance Objectives by which the success or otherwise of GMS may be measured.
  • To support the Board in maintaining good governance of GMS.
  • To work with the Company Secretary to ensure that financial and statutory reporting is maintained.